It is no secret that the most successful students are the ones that engage in co-curricular activities that complement the material they learn in the classroom. After all, learning opportunities that take place outside of the classroom make for a more complete student, one that is better equipped for future endeavours on both a personal and professional level.

CompleteStudent is an open access web platform designed to deliver co-curricular learning opportunities to post-secondary students across Ontario. These concise and highly interactive modules were created with the intention of engaging students in meaningful experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. By complementing course material, these modules encourage higher levels of critical thinking, enhance understanding of community engagement, increase career readiness, and motivate overall personal growth.

Commitment to Open Access

Today’s students demand an education on their own terms. They want content that is free and easy to access—whenever they need it. This is why CompleteStudent.ca is an open access online platform. An open access approach ensures convenience and flexibility. Students can access these learning materials from any location at any given time, free of charge.

In addition, an open, online platform caters to different learning styles, as students can easily work on modules at their own pace, pausing, repeating, and reflecting when necessary. And because meeting the needs of all students is important to us, all of the modules are AODA (AA level) compliant.

Certificates of Completion

But why would a student complete these modules in the first place? In order to incentivize participation, CompleteStudent offers the option to acquire certificates of completion. Once a set of modules has been completed, the platform generates a certificate that can then be verified by post-secondary institutions’ co-curricular record programs. By doing so, students can have proof on their that they took the initiative to learn more about a given topic. To future employers, this type of self-direction makes a candidate more attractive.

Funding and Development Credits

To support the development of this project, Western University received funding from the Shared Online Course Funding through the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and eCampus Ontario.

This project is the result of a collaboration between various departments in the Student Experience portfolio at Western University. All modules were designed and developed by Jordan Coop and Ana Kruljevic, the E-Learning team at The Student Success Centre.

Module content was developed by a diverse and talented team of subject matter experts from the Career Services (Jennifer Baytor, Meredith Edwards, and Monica Giorgini), Experiential Learning (Lisa Boyko, Kelly Hollingshead, and Melissa Walters), and Learning Skills (Erin House, Justin Kicks, and Ryan Mackay), departments at Western University.

Additional leadership, support, and expertise regarding the grant submission process was provided by Rick Ezekiel, Kim Miller, Joey Paciocco, Colleen Dalton, and Gavan Watson.

For more information on any of the modules, please contact The Student Success Centre at successcentre@uwo.ca